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17 Tahiti Attractions – Best Things to do

Tahiti’s wonders are all highlighted, from its beaches and waterfalls to its markets, parks, and museums, including the Musée Gauguin. Tahiti is the largest island in French Polynesia and has a lot of places to visit to offer.

From its beaches and waterfalls to its markets, gardens, and museums. Here are some of our favorite activities and attractions to help you plan your trip to the Island of Tahiti.

Tahiti is the largest island in the Society archipelago of French Polynesia, and it is a popular tourist destination known for its stunning natural beauty, rich cultural history, and beautiful beaches.

Visitors to Tahiti can enjoy a wide range of interesting attractions, like the island’s beautiful beaches, exploring ancient marae (temples), and the many natural wonders of the island, such as waterfalls, forests, and mountains. Tahiti is also a great destination for outdoor enthusiasts, with activities such as hiking.

Whether you are looking to relax on the beach or explore the island’s rich cultural and natural heritage, Tahiti has something to offer everyone.

Point Venus & Lighthouse

Tahiti | Landmark & Historical Place | Free

Pointe Venus historic Lighthouse

One of the most popular photo motifs on a Tahiti vacation is the Pointe Venus lighthouse. The whitewashed, six-story lighthouse is located at the northern end of Matavai Bay.

Tomb of King Pomare

Tahiti, Arue | Historical Place | Monument | Free

Tomb of King Pomare

To this day, the tomb of the last king of the famous Pomare dynasty draws a large number of visitors. Not least because of a strange rumor circulating about his urn.


Tahiti, Papeete | Capital City

Papeete aerial view

Papeete is situated on Tahiti Island and the country’s capital city. Papeete has only a few old structures surviving after a fire in 1884, there are many highlights.

Papeete Market

Tahiti | Papeete | Market | Historical Place | Free

Papeete Market – Le Marché de Papeete

Papeete Market a historic public market, is the best way to shop for just about anything from all the islands. The market is in the middle of Papeete, selling local products.

Papeete Town Hall

Tahiti | Papeete | Historical Place | Free

Papeete Town Hall - Hotel de Ville

The town hall, which houses the mayor’s office, is accessible to the general public during regular business hours and whenever historical and artistic exhibitions are hosted in the third-floor gallery.

Roulottes – Food Trucks

Tahiti | various Food


In French Polynesia, food trucks are a real tradition and part of the area’s rich cultural history, Tahitians take cooking very serious.

Museums & Historic Sites Tahiti

Te Fare Manaha Museum

Tahiti, Puna’auia | Museum | from CFP 600

Musée de Tahiti et des îles – Te Fare Manaha

The Te Fare Manaha Museum is a must-see for anyone interested in Tahiti and the other 118 islands of French Polynesia. The museum showcases Polynesian culture, nature, and history.

Robert Wan Pearl Museum

Tahiti, Papeete | Museum | Free

Robert Wan Pearl Museum

Did you miss a pearl farm visit or want to learn more about the culture and history of the noble round shell? All unanswered questions are answered in the modern museum of pearl magnate Robert Wan.

James Norman Hall Museum

Tahiti, Pīra’e | Historical Place | Museum | CFP 800

James Norman Hall house

For years, the co-author of the classic Mutiny on the Bounty lived in Tahiti. Hall’s small wooden house is now a museum where visitors can learn a lot about the author and life on Tahiti.

Paul Gauguin Museum

Tahiti, Teva I Uta | Museum | from CFP 600

Paul Gauguin Museum

Gauguin is without a doubt the most well-known exiled Tahitian in the world. The museum dedicated to him houses original documents, photographs, and some of the French painter’s drawings.

Marae Mahaiatea & Marae Arahurahu

Tahiti, Pā’ea | Historic Site | free

Marae Mahaiatea & Marae Arahurahu

The Marae Mahaiatea is the island’s biggest cult site to ever be found. Marae Arahurahu, which is located directly in the picturesque valley of Paea on the west coast.

Nature & Hiking Tahiti

Vaipahi Water Gardens

Tahiti, Teva I Uta | Nature | Hike | Free


The region around Mataiea offers the best overview of Tahiti’s landscape. Lake Vaihiria, Tahiti’s only lake, lush green Vaipahi Gardens can be found here.

Faarumai Waterfalls

Tahiti, Hitiaa O Te Ra | Hike | Nature | Free

Faarumai waterfalls

Even without a guide, the three most accessible waterfalls on the island can be explored in a pleasant day trip. Open at all times.

Tahiti Beaches

Tahiti | Ocean | Nature | Free

Tahiti Beaches

Tahiti’s beaches have everything a visitor could want: Lively with plenty of sports action and nightlife, family-friendly, or secluded dream beaches with warm, crystal-clear water all year.

Arahoho Blowhole

Tahiti | Papeete | Nature | Historical Place | Free

Arahoho Blowhole Trou du Souffleur

Water rushes into a cavern and if the swell is just right it shoots out through the hole in the rocks, like a geyser.

Tahiti Hiking

Tahiti | Hiking | Nature | Free

Hiking Tahiti, image shows Papenoo Valley

Tahiti is a mountainous island with trails for every level of difficulty, from ancient marae sites to deep green valleys.

Lava Tubes of Hitiaa

Tahiti, Hitiaa | Hiking | Nature | Free

Lava Tubes Hitiaa, image shows exit of a lava tunnel

Tahiti is a mountainous island with trails for every level of difficulty, from ancient marae sites to deep green valleys.

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