Restaurants in Moorea

You’ll have a lot of options for dining in Moorea without having to spend a fortune. There are a few upscale French eateries, but there are also a lot of mobile roulottes, pizza and burger shops, Chinese eateries, and eateries with musical performances several times per week.

Resort hotels often have one Polynesian banquet every week, followed by a Polynesian dance performance, in their magnificent lagoon-front restaurants. Sometimes resort dishes can be pretty boring in an effort to please a variety of guests.

We can only hope the restaurants listed below are still open when you arrive because Moorea’s dining scene changes quickly.

French & Polynesian Restaurants Moorea

Moorea Beach Cafe

Maharepa Cote Mer, Moorea | French Cuisine

Moorea Beach Cafe

One of Moorea’s stunning lagoons is visible from the Moorea Beach Café, which provides the perfect environment for a leisurely dinner with live music.

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Coco Beach Moorea

Moorea-Maiao | Polynesian

Coco Beach Restaurant Moorea

Cocobeach is on Moorea’s most beautiful island, “motu Tiahura,” and is surrounded by the clearest water. Best place to have a party.

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Le Lézard Jaune Café Moorea

Moorea-Maiao | Polynesian

Le Lazard Jaune Restaurant

This well-known restaurant in Hauru-Tiahura Point serves both French and Marquesan food that is very good. The raw fish special chef is grilled lobster.

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Green Pearl Restaurant

Moorea | French Polynesian Cuisine

Green Pearl Restaurant Moorea

Restaurant with upscale and varied international food, as well as more western dishes. A great place to eat lunch in a different setting with a lovely view.

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Maharepa, Moorea | French, American

Rudy's restaurant Moorea

This restaurant is known for serving the best French food with real island flavors. They are a local family that has been in business for more than 40 years.

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Holy Steak House

Moorea-Maiao | French, Steakhouse

Holy Steak House Moorea

The interior of this Moorea restaurant, which is located in Haapiti, is distinctive and modern. A classy outdoor wine bar with plush chairs and outdoor wine bar.

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Fare La Canadienne

Moorea-Maiao | American, Canadian

Fare La Canadienne Restaurant

A tiny bit of Canada right here in Moorea. Fantastic burgers and fries. Burgers are enormous. the excellent service. Fresh brea and giant burgers.

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Restaurant Tiahura Chez Irène

Moorea-Maiao | Polynesian

Tiahura Restaurant Chez Irene

After the small town, heading in the direction of the Intercontinental Hotel is where you’ll find the Tiahura restaurant, also known as “Chez Irène.”

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Sea You Soon Moorea – Le QG

Moorea-Maiao | French

Sea You Soon Moorea Restaurant

When we came upon the small shopping complex while driving around the island, we looked at the menu. They appeared to have a lot.

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K Restaurant

Teavaro, Moorea | French

K Restaurant Moorea

This establishment, which is a part of the Sofitel Moorea Ia Ora Beach Resort, is named after the Kahaia tree, from which the roof and beams are made.

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Fine Dining Moorea

Restaurant Te Honu Iti

Moorea-Maiao | French, European

Te Honu Iti Restaurant Moorea

Welcome to Te Hobu Iti Restaurant, located in Moorea, one of the island’s top eateries is called “The Little Turtle.”

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Arii Vahine Restaurant

Moorea-Maiao | French

Arii Vahine Restaurant, Hilton

The main restaurant at the Hilton Moorea Lagoon Resort & Spa has a high thatched ceiling held up by thick, varnished tree branches.

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Teavaro, Moorea | French, European

Pure Restaurant Sofitel Moorea

One of the restaurants in the Sofitel Moorea is this one. It offers la carte menu, a Polynesian BBQ/buffet twice a week, as well special menus.

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Italian Restaurants Moorea

Allo Pizza

Moorea-Maiao | Italian Cuisine

Allo Pizza Moorea

This is the place to go for lunch or dinner if you enjoy thin-crust, wood-fired pizzas. Either eat in or order takeout. All other dishes are French in origin.

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Casa Vincenzo

Haapiti, Moorea | Italian Cuisine

Casa Vincenzo Moorea

Italian food prepared by a hotel, including pizzas, homemade pasta, and delectable recommendations.Take-out pizzas available, reservations advised.

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Casa Pizza Moorea

Maharepa, Moorea | Italian Cuisine

Casa Pizza

Food truck offereing pizza and others. Try one of the must-dos, like Corn cobs with bacon, chicken, Roquefort cheese, and barbecue sauce.

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Fenua Pizza

Moorea-Maiao | Italian Cuisine

Fenua Pizza Moorea

Pizza with a fantastic crust and unique toppings. We had the Oriental and the La Vahine. They also have delicious and full sweet pizzas with everything.

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Affordable Eats Moorea

Lilikoi Garden Cafe

Pihaena, Moorea | Polynesian

Lilikoi Garden Cafe, Moorea

Lilikoi is a vibrantly colored Roulotte (food truck) that is situated in lovely tropical gardens. Food-wise, it offers sandwiches, salads, and lunch specials

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Manuia Grill

Moorea-Maiao | Polynesian

Manuia Grill Moorea

The restaurant is just a short stroll from the foyer and is situated in front of the Manava Resort. This is the spot for the regional BBQ.

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Snack Mahana

Moorea | Polynesian

Snack Mahana Moorea

Mahana’s Snack lived up to its reputation. Location and food both excel. As they reportedly tend to run out by 2pm, get there early.

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Snack Coco D’isle

Moorea-Maiao | Polynesian

Snack Coco d'Isle Moorea

This restaurant has the best food, personnel, and service on the island and is a hidden gem. The chef always came out to talk to the guests.

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Snack Autea

Moorea-Maiao | Polynesian

Snack Autea Moorea

Fish Market & Snack Autea is a small restaurant that has very good value for money. To make and remake without moderation.

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A L’Heure du Sud

Hauru, Moorea | French, Polynesian

La Heure du Sud Rulotte Moorea

A popular roadside trailer offers decent value. Is well-liked by locals and offers an selection of sandwiches, paninis, burgers, and salads.

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