Internet, Phone & Electricity in Tahiti

Internet, Phone & Electricity in Tahiti

How to connect to the internet in Tahiti?

French Polynesia now has high-speed internet access to the rest of the globe after Hawaii was connected by fiber optic cable laid on the ocean floor. If the nature of your work necessitates fast upload speeds (for example, for Zoom meetings), fiber optic internet will be your best option.

Many property owners continue to use the Digital Subscriber Line to access the internet even in locations where fiber optic is accessible (DSL).

DSL might be adequate if the success of your work does not depend on quick, dependable upload speeds. Otherwise, ensure that the accommodations have fiber with the hotel management.

In French Polynesia, there are three Internet service providers that offer different plans to keep you connected during your stay:

There are Internet cafes in Tahiti, Moorea, and Bora Bora. Most hotels now have Internet centers or Wi-Fi connections, which are sometimes free.

How to get high-speed internet?

Take your Pocket Wifi (mobile router) with you wherever you go on your trip. Whether you’re coming to French Polynesia as a tourist to see our islands or for business, our Wi-Fi routers will follow you everywhere and keep you connected to the internet.

You can connect up to 5 devices at once to our Pocket Wifi, such as smartphones, PC tablets, computers, cameras, and gaming devices.

The Pocket Wifi can go with you. Tahiti Wifi is small enough to fit in your pocket and weighs only 140g, so you can take it with you anywhere.

Pocket Wifi Tahiti, image shows a hand holding the router

Image: ©tahitiwifi

It has a battery life of about 12 hours and can connect to the internet wherever you go, on foot, or in a car. This means that you can use Google maps and GPS apps to find your way, in addition to your favorite websites.

Don’t worry about data roaming fees and being surprised by your bill when you travel. Instead, enjoy the freedom of being able to surf the web wherever you are.

You can choose between various GB data pages at Tahiti Wifi

Get a pre-paid card for phone calls

In The Islands of Tahiti, mobile phone network coverage has been growing by leaps and bounds over the past few years. Rates have been going down, and there are many different service plans to choose from.

Signing up for an international plan with your current operator is one way to use your cell phone while traveling to Tahiti without paying roaming fees.

By doing this, you can keep using your current mobile number. However, using this strategy will cost you money and prevent you from booking lodging, traveling by ferry, and other leisure activities at resident rates, which often require a local cell number.

Verify that your phone is GSM if you want a Tahitian cell number because French Polynesia does not accept CDMA. In order to utilize a SIM card from one of the three local service providers, Vini, Vodafone, or Ora, you should also make sure it is unlocked.

  • Vini
    You can buy Vini cards and add money to a pre-paid card at any post office branch or a licensed retailer. You can also add money to your cards at If you forget your cell phone at home, you can buy a Viniphone pack that has a cell phone, a phone number, and card credits.
  • Ora
    There are several shops and also the Carrefour supermarkets on Tahiti selling pre-paid cards. Website:
  • Vodafone
    Licensed stores are the only ones that can sell Vodafone cards. Website:

Electricity and plugs

All islands in French Polynesia use the standard voltage of 110 / 220 V. Be sure to have the right travel plug adaptor that suits the local sockets if you are traveling to French Polynesia.

In French Polynesia, types C and E are the official standards. French Polynesia has standardized on the same plugs and receptacles as France, just like all other French overseas territories. Since type F plugs are identical to type E plugs, they can also be used with type E sockets.

Anyone traveling from a nation like the USA, UK, Ireland, or Hong Kong, should purchase an adaptor in preparation. To charge multiple devices at once, it is also advised that you bring a multi-socket adaptor from home.

Electricity - plugs Tahiti

Frequently asked Questions

Does Tahiti have cell phone service?

The Global System for Mobiles (GSM) technology is used in French Polynesia. Before leaving on a trip, confirm with your wireless provider that you have a GSM phone.

Is there fast internet in Tahiti?

French Polynesia now has high-speed internet access to the rest of the globe after Hawaii was connected by fiber optic cable laid on the ocean floor.

Can I use my phone in Bora Bora?

On the major islands like Tahiti, Moorea, and Bora Bora, particularly near the coasts, mobile service is excellent. More inland, the reception will range from poor to nonexistent. However, it will be unlikely that you will be there.

How is power generated in Tahiti?

Electricite de Tahiti SA is the owner of the hydroelectric power plant. It is Tahiti’s biggest hydroelectric power facility. It uses water from five reservoirs that are located above the commune, at a high elevation in the Papenoo Valley. An embankment dam on the Papenoo River or a tributary creates each reservoir.

How is power generated in Bora Bora?

French Polynesia’s remote island of Bora Bora relies primarily on diesel-powered power facilities to provide its electricity.

In French Polynesia, how do isolated islands get electricity?

Despite the fact that the majority of islands have access to one or more renewable energy sources, including rivers, waterfalls, wind, sunlight, biomass, wave power, and geothermal deposits, they almost all continue to rely heavily or entirely on imported fossil fuels to generate electricity and power transportation.

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